Milano Formals dedicates a considerable amount of time and resources to find materials and production methods that will have the lowest possible impact on the environment.   We care very deeply about the environment and are doing everything we can to ensure future generations are not robbed of experiencing the wonder of nature.

In our search for environmentally sound production methods, we have come across the latest technologies that minimize the negative effects on the environment often prevalent in other production methods.  We also implement methods that have proven to lower the necessity of using natural resources during the production process.

Apart from using environmentally friendly production methods, we also use sustainable and recyclable materials in the creation of all of our garments so we are in no way contributing to the exploitation of our planet’s precious natural resources.  This also involves finding suppliers who implement ethical practices in producing the raw materials needed in for the production of our clothing line.  This we need to check the conditions of all of our suppliers and their premises to ensure no harsh chemicals or other harmful substances come in to contact with the raw materials at any stage during the production process.

By using recyclable materials in the production of our clothing line we are also minimizing the millions of tons of discarding fabric piling up in landfills all over the planet.  What a breath of fresh air in today’s disposable society and isn’t it wonderful to be able to take something old and relatively useless and repurpose it into something new and spectacular.  That’s why when you choose a Milano Formals design, you are also choosing to protect the environment with an eco-friendly dress that will bring you many years of pleasure to wear.

Caring for the environment is not just a corporate responsibility.  We as consumers cannot hold corporations solely responsible for their poor environmental impact records, while at the same time keep purchasing and demanding an endless supply of their goods.  The only way we can end this vicious circle is to insist on ethical and environmentally sound manufacturing practices and the best way to do this is to only purchase goods from companies that implement such practices.