Milano Formals is as much about people as it is about fashion.  We believe that our team of dedicated and loyal employees deserve much of the accolades for many of our achievements.

We spend at least a third of our day in the workplace.  In many ways, the people we work with become as important to us as family.  For this reason, we are of the strong opinion that in order to take care of business, we need to take care of our workplace family first.

Milano Formals has implemented some important benefits for all of our employees.  First and foremost, all of our factories are employee owned and operated with 100% of the profits being distributed straight back to employees.  This equates to employees working exceptionally hard and adhering to strict quality controls to ensure all operations run smoothly and products will not be returned due to poor workmanship. 

Imagine being a member of a large family and being sent to work at a very young age because every able bodied person in the family must contribute to the family’s income just to afford the most basic needs.  Now imagine that in this large family, only one or two of your siblings has the opportunity to attend school.  Not very fair is it?  Sadly, even for those lucky enough to go to school they are often forced to attend in squalid conditions with very little in the way of books and other learning implements.  All too often the teachers at these schools are underpaid and also underqualified.  The end result is that many children are denied the right of a decent education and may also have no alternative than to beg or turn to petty crime just for a basic survival.  Without access to education these children have very limited prospects for a future where they do not face a daily struggle for themselves and their families.

For this reason Ramandeep Singh was inspired with the idea of providing these less fortunate young people a chance at a real education.  He has established schools for under-privileged children.  The kids are taken away from the destitute life on the streets and put in to classrooms.  Tuition and learning implements are free for these kids and the rest is up to them.  Their only concern is learning and raising themselves up to a higher level.  With education these kids are empowered to expect more from themselves and they have hope for a brighter future.  Something that they would have missed out on without this very worthwhile endeavor.