Company Info

Welcome to MILANO FORMALS. We believe that fashion, like art, is the perfect way to express your personality without uttering a word.  Why settle for a mass-produced, bland look for your special occasion when you can have something extraordinary?  Our unique collection of gowns and dresses have been lovingly designed to give our customers the freedom to express themselves and attract attention like a fine Renaissance work of art.  

Our company has been owned and operated by our family for4 generations.  We never cease to find and create the newest unique and exotic designs using high quality, luxurious fabrics.  We don’t just keep up with the latest trends and concepts.  We tirelessly work at staying ahead of the rest.   We are always looking forward so you can step forward in style.

With Milano Formals you can create a new you, or enhance the very best of you that is already visible.  Why blend in to the crowds, when you were born to stand out and shine?  We are all fighting for our place in the world, but it is hard to claim that special place when you are wearing the same tired designs as everyone else.  Our designs offer you the freedom to discover your own unique, glamorous and chic look.  Whether you are looking for sophisticated and regal, or fun and flirtatious, we are certain we have that unique something special, just for you.

Our designers are not just about creating “The Look”.  They are also creating a feeling with luxurious and flowing materials that move as freely and spontaneously as you do.  Our high fashion, exclusive collections will have you sashaying along like a red-carpet celebrity.  This confidence is only possible when we ensure each and every one of our creations is inspected in great detail so you can be sure you are wearing the very best in style, comfort and quality.  We treat our fabrics with the greatest care and without harsh chemicals.  When you put on a Milano Formals creation, your only focus will be on how fabulous you look and feel, and creating memories at any celebration you are attending. 

Designing breathtaking fashion may be the focal point of our business, but we at Milano Formals feel that sharing success and giving something back to humanity is a special kind of reward.  It is with great pleasure to inform our customers that a portion from the sale of each and every dress contributes to the education of children who would otherwise be denied this right.  Children should not be pushed aside and forgotten just because they were born in to poverty.  In today’s modern world it is shameful that even one child misses out on life-changing education.  Not only do you have the opportunity to look and feel like a celebrity in your beautiful new dress, but you can also feel fantastic with the knowledge that in choosing a Milano Formals creation, you are giving young people an opportunity for a brighter future.