Corporate, Social(And Environmental) Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility involves business practices that go beyond the scope of those set out by variousgovernment and trade organizations.

When a company implements Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives it is establishing practices that are sustainable and ethical and generally addresses issues such as human rights, health and safety, environmentalimpacts, corporate guidelines and regulations, working conditions and community assistance, to name a few.

In most cases Corporate Social Responsibility functions as a self-regulatory structure within the company itself.  While most government and corporate watchdogs have various regulations and guidelines that must be adhered to, many businesses also implement additional measures and hold themselves too much higher standards regarding their social and environmentalobligations.

Milano Formals takes Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously. We believe that everything we do has an impact on the world around us.  Whetherit is a positive or negative impact is up to us.  All companies should be encouraged to take the extra initiative to make the world a better place by implementing business and production practices that will protect the environmentand save natural resources, while at the same time guarantee ethical and dignified working conditions for every single employee.  It also involves working closely and communicating with various community groups to give them reassurances that the company’s practices are not endangering the lives of residents living around them or causing needless disruption to their otherwise peaceful lives.

Corporate Social Responsibility is not just about good business and production practices.  Milano Formals also takes pride in helping the under privileged members of our society.  We take great delight in implementing humanitarian programs that benefit entire communities.

Accountability and transparency are crucial elements when considering CorporateSocialResponsibility.  For this reason, we at Milano Formals not only make sure we adhere to regulations set out by all tiers of government and regulatory bodies, we also hold ourselves to additional stringent standards of ensuring our presence in  local and globalcommunities do not cause undue concern.  That means taking proper care of our employees and respecting their basic human rights, ensuring a high level of health and safety standards within the workplace, offering community assistance programs to our employees, their families and neighbourhoods and implementing manufacturing processes that will not be an impediment to the standard of living of local residents through excessive noise or pollution.

We all have to share this wonderful planet so it is important that we all work together instead of against each other.  The Corporate Social Responsibility implemented by Milano Formals is all about long term sustainability and being considerate towards people and the environment.