How is it used?

So how can we use recycled or reclaimed fabrics?  Quite simply we can use them in much the same way as we would normally use fabrics.  You decide on a design, select your fabric according to color, thread count, feel, etc. and away you go.  Yes, it really is that simple.

Similarly, recycled fabrics can also be used in many other applications as well, such as in home décor and other areas around the home and work places.

We normally associate recycled with sub-standard quality.  That certainly is not the case with the materials used in Milano Formals designs.  With the vast improvements in manufacturing technologies it is now possible to produce high quality fabrics made from recycled materials and still maintain the luxuriousness and integrity of the fabric as it was in its original form.

Rest assured that you will never compromise on quality for choosing a Milano Formals creation made with love from something that was once pre-loved.