Locations / Our Factories

Milano Formals currently operates from 2 factories in India and 4 factories in China.  All of our factories are employee owned with 100% of the profits distributed amongst the employees.  When employees have a vested interest in a company they are more likely to show increased productivity.  Why?  Because they are, for all intents and purposes, working for themselves.  This means they are also more likely to actually care and show pride in the finished products they send out to the market place.

A happy worker is a productive worker.  We, at Milano Formals, do not just hire staff.  We invest in people.  When people feel safe and secure in their jobs they are happier.  It is important to us that our working environments are safe, secure and stress free.  We share the responsibility of those aspects of life that are usually a cause for concern for workers all over the world

All of these measures have been established as our commitment to provide our employees with a safe, secure and happy working environment.  Long term success isn’t about making fast money or who will make the most profits.  Success comes from working with the best people and recognizing their valuable contribution to your business and the community.  Milano Formals is about creating a vision.  And this vision would not be complete without the invaluable contribution of all those we work with.  We expect nothing but the best from our employees.  Isn’t it only fair that we give them the best possible working conditions in return?