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Milano Formals creates unique clothes for unique people.   Art is one of the truest forms of expression and fashion is a key component in expressing inner beauty and individuality.  Our creations are designed to bring out that inner sparkle that makes us all so remarkably unique.  You simply can’t achieve this type of style and grace with basic, mass produced garments.  Milano Formals gives you that gold star celebrity pass to a whole new world of high fashion couture.  Why settle for ordinary, when the extraordinary is within your reach?

Looking for that something special for your next significant occasion?  Look no further than Milano Formals.  We work endlessly in the pursuit of new ideas and the latest trends to keep our customers satisfied and coming back.  Our astounding collection of dresses and gowns have been designed to have you looking like a celebrity and create lasting memories.  Whether you are looking for that all important Prom dress, or a looking to dazzle at your next work event in a sweet cocktail dress, you are sure to find something that perfectly suits your style and personality within a Milano Formals collection.  And let’s not forget what is possibly one of life’s most important celebration – The Wedding!! It doesn’t matter if you are a bridesmaid, special guest or the queen of the day – The Bride, – we have the perfect dress or gown for you.  This day is all about standing out and being seen.  But it’s also important to be remembered.  Create a lasting memory and take centre stage and choose something exclusive and perfect from our unique collection.

We appreciate your trust in selecting a Milano Formals garment and we aim to never disappoint you with something that has not passed our strict quality control process.  Every single dress is carefully inspected so that you don’t need worry about a clothing faux pas or waiting impatiently to get home and take your dress off because it has been made with irritating chemicals in the productionprocess. 

All of the embellishments such as beads, sequins, etc., added to our dresses are painstakingly hand sewn by skilled artisans and are only produced in very limited numbers so it is highly improbable that you will encounter another person at your special event in the same dress.  And really, can you think of anything worse that spending hours to look perfect for a special occasion than arriving to see a dozen people dressed in identical or similar clothes?  OUCH!!

The Milano Formals Collections are available through our carefully selected distributors worldwide.  You can find our exclusive designs in reputable high end fashion houses.  If you can’t find a Milano Formals distributor near you, please contact us and we will direct you to your nearest retailer or discuss other options so you too can enjoy the quality and luxury of owning your very own Milano Formals creation.

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