our history

Milano Formals has enjoyed a very long and proud tradition.  Our fabulous line of apparel first made an appearance back in 1910.  Since then we have consistently succeeded in improving not only the quality of our garments, but also dedicate our resources to ensure our collections remain at the forefront of the fashion industry.

Our garments undergo rigorous quality control to ensure our customers look and feel stunning in our clothing line.  We do not use harmful substances in our fabrics so you can wear them with comfort and confidence knowing that no garment leaves our premises until every little detail has been checked and meets our strict quality standards.

Milano Formals Vice-President is Raman Singh who is amongst the 4th generation of family who stand proudly behind the Milano Formals brand.  Raman joined this time honoured family business after graduating from the University of San Diego in California.  Since then, he constantly travels the world in search of exciting new styles and trends, as well as unique, luxurious and high quality fabrics which inspires great motivation within Milano Formals design team to create exclusive and beautiful garments that are the epitome of style and grace.

Our customers were born to stand out in the world.  Not blend in with the masses.  We believe a truly magnificent clothing line should do the same.  Like our customers, our design team is also tired of looking at mass produced, lifeless designs available worldwide.  All of our products are hand beaded and are only produced in very limited numbers so you step out in style with the confidence and knowledge that you will find your own special and very personal look and not worry about every second person appearing in the same dress like the many mass produced factory cloned ones.

Our family and corporate commitment does not end with creating beautiful fashion.  Milano Formals also appreciates the value of taking care of our global family as well as our planet.  We have various programs in place that we regard as a positive contribution to our local and international communities.  In caring for our planet, we endeavour to find materials and methods in our production that will have the least harmful impact on the environment.  Success is a wonderful thing, but when you also help those less fortunate, and implement the least harmful production methods, your success extends so much further than what is only visible in financial records.

When you purchase a Milano Formals dress, you are investing in a unique and stylish garment that is composed of a long line of traditional family values and the pursuit of excellence, combined with compassion and awareness of the people and the planet we are privileged to share this life with.