our mission

At Milano Formals, our mission is to create unique and beautiful clothes for unique people.  We shy away from the basic and ordinary in search of the extraordinary.  If our customers are bored looking at the same uninspiring designs then we are too.  It is our aim to create exclusive high fashion garments from elegant and luxurious materials that will both animate and inspire our customers to a level of great confidence and poise usually characteristic of red carpet celebrities.

Milano Formals also cares for our planet and our global community.  We start by using high quality recyclable fabric.  We feel it is our responsibility to protect our planet and not continuously add millions of tons of waste that keep piling up in landfills all over the world and devastating acres of land to produce the endless demand for raw materials in the clothing and textile industry.  Instead, we use materials that have been carefully selected from various clothing banks before these materials are repurposed and ready to be re-created in to something spectacular.   Just like a caterpillar goes through a process before being reborn into an elegant butterfly, so too, are the recycled fabrics that are eventually reborn into new and beautiful dresses that any woman would be thrilled to own.

Our commitment to care and excellence does not end there.  Milano Formals cares for people too.  We are working hard to try and help those less privileged in the most profound way possible and that is, by dedicating our time and resources into improving the state of education.  Education is sadly, out of reach for so many under-privileged children in India.  Many children are forced to work long hours for very little money in appalling conditions to contribute every amount possible to their family’s finances.  Even with many family members working it is often still not enough to provide the family with adequate food, clothing and shelter, with many living in squalid slums.  Even those that are lucky enough to be able to attend a school often arrive in establishments that severely lack even the most basic essentials such as books and other learning implements.  Many times they are also being taught by teachers who are under paid and under qualified. 

For this reason our VP, Ramandeep Singh, decided to give children from these deprived areas a chance at rising up from their poverty and hopelessness.  He opened schools and made them available to these children.  Today there are more than 200 children who have been offered the chance of a brighter future in these schools.  For these children, tuition is free and instead of facing a bleak future of petty crimes and measly jobs, they can enjoy the same childhood as their counterparts worldwide and get a life-changing education.

A percentage of every Milano Formals dress sold ensures these schools are maintained and children have what they need to learn.  You can happily shop for a stunning new look and know that with every Milano Formals purchase you are also helping real people achieve real dreams.  Surely, that is the perfect accessory to compliment your gorgeous new gown.