Recycled or Reclaimed fabrics

What is recycled fiber? 

We’ll start by thinking about how things have changed from the good old days when previous generations did not have the insatiable appetite for clothing and fashion that many of us have today.  Back in those days, you would probably only find a few classic pieces in the average wardrobe.  Clothes were well taken care of and certainly did not end up in the trash after sustaining a tiny little tear.

Unfortunately, as the demand grew for more and more clothing to be produced we seem to think nothing of clearing out our wardrobes at the change of each season and all too often, the discarded clothing do not end up at local charity depots to be redistributed to the needy.  Instead they are carelessly tossed out with the trash.  After decades of this mindless waste, the fashion industry has finally come to the realization that this trend can’t go on for much longer.  With the boom in waste recycling, clothing manufacturers are also seeing the wisdom in recycling and repurposing the tons of forgotten fabrics that would have otherwise be buried under mountains of other trash in some obscure landfill site. 

While cotton and other natural materials can be considered sustainable and sound, we often forget the millions of gallons of water needed to grow these materials and it still won’t solve the landfill problem.  By using recycled fiber in the manufacturing process we can save waterand almost do away with the landfill issue.  Fabrics and discarded clothing (and other fabric style products) are sorted before being shredded and repurposed into brand new fabrics ready to be transformed in to some new and exciting.  The other sources of this reusable source literally comes straight from the factory floor where bits and piece of materials and fabrics are collected and processed into new, luxuriousmaterials.  Milano Formals uses this wonderful born again product to produce exquisite new gowns without adding to the waste or environmental problems.

Some companies are even buying back their clothing after customers are done wearing them and having them recycled and transformed in to something new.  The possibilities are endless with recycled and reclaimed fabrics.  When you look at the sheer elegance of Milano Formals dresses it is almost impossible to believe that a short time ago, the dress you are wearing was little more than a pile of scraps and rags.

Enjoy the excitement of purchasing a Milano Formals dress without contributing to the unnecessary waste and environmental upsets. Remember the old saying that, “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure??  Well keep that in mind as you sashay along in your elegant new Milano Formals dress.