Silk Sourcing

Silk is one of the most luxurious fabrics used to produce clothing that is every bit as beautiful to look at as it is to touch.  The production of silk is called sericulture and in short, generally involves ending the already short life of the talented little silkworm that produces this prized material.  This is done by placing thousands of cocoons into a huge vat of boiling water in order to be able carefully extract the fine silk fibers away from the silkworm.  Not a pleasant end to the poor little silkworm.

Silk sourcing involves finding a supplier whose silk extraction process does not involve the demise of thousands of unfortunate silkworms.  This method is definitively more eco-friendly and the silkworms are left alone to live another day and produce many more happy little silkworms.

The best known eco-friendly silk product is called Peace Silk and has been around for a couple of decades and it basically involves allowing the silkworm to depart from this cozy cocoon and only then undergoing the process of extracting the silk threads and spinning them in to luxurious and durable fabrics.

As part of our commitment to excellence and ethical practices, Milano Formals chooses to only use fabric from humane and eco-friendly sources.  When you buy a Milano Formals dress, you too are bolstering our vision of promoting ethical and safe manufacturing practices.