Social Responsibility

Everything we do has an effect on the people and places around us. Social Responsibility is the concept that we are all obligated to conduct ourselves in a manner that will benefit our society.  Social Responsibility entails a duty to be of active assistance within our communities. 

So what does it mean to be a socially responsible member of society?

In short, being a socially responsible member of society means we consider others when making choices for ourselves.  When making every day decisions we often neglect to think of the possible ramifications our actions will have on other members of society. 

Social Responsibility on a corporate level simply means that the company does not put its economic wellbeing ahead of the wellbeing of its employees or the local environment.  All too often, the ethical significance of a corporation’s decision are ignored with personal gain being the only driving factor. 

Milano Formals places great importance on the perception of Social Responsibility.  In fact, our success has been possible because we have consistently considered how our methods and actions will effect society.  Our actions affect our employees, local communities and the environment and if we constantlyacted with total disregard of these we would have found ourselves facing a multitude of problems and possibly upset local residents and community groups to the point of facing animosity and a hindrance to our operations.

Social Responsibility isn’t just about making sure our actions do not have a negative impact on society, the environment and local communities.  It should also be about being a positive and welcome presence.  As part of a global family, we also feel it is our obligation to help those who are less fortunate by offering them support and assistance and working with local organizations to implement programs that can make substantial changes and provide opportunities to improve every aspect of society such as lowering unemployment, improving education standards and raising the wellbeing and morale of local residents. 

At Milano Formals, we are very aware of our Social Responsibility and believe we should all be accountable and responsible in our daily operations.  We need to take care not to upset the fragile balance of our impact on the environment and society as a whole.  What we do today may very well determine what needs to be done tomorrow.  Our commitment to make good decisions has been the secret to our success and we hope to keep up this tradition for many generations in to the future.

If you can’t be of assistance, then at least try not to be a hindrance.