The brand

Milano Formals
Unique clothes for unique people

Fashion is the most powerful art there is. It shows the world who we are and who we’d like to be. As known, you can express your personality and style through what you’re wearing. So why wearing items that are available to everyone when you can have your own personalized and customized clothing ? Milano Formals offers you a pass to unique and high-fashioned world of style. Look and feel like a celebrity!

Escape being basic

Today, in modern world we all want to look stylish and fashionable, but sometimes it’s hard to express yourself because of the mass clothing production everyone is wearing either same or similar items. Luckily, Milano Formals offers you something completely different. And that is: high-fashioned unique look. Why being like everyone else when you have a chance to unlock your own world of style? Instead of keeping up with latest trends, let us introduce you with your unique trends you’ll be setting!

Behind the brand

Milano Formals vp is Raman Singh who is a 4th generation. After graduating from University of San Diego, CA he went straight into 4th generation family business. Now, he is constantly travelling around the world searching for new, interesting, and unique high-quality fabrics to inspire the team to create brand new, non seen sensational looks.

Always different, never the same

Tired of seeing same plain designs everywhere? Well guess what, our designer is too.

Instead of keeping up with already seen basic trends and making similar clothes, our designer is using luxurious different fabrics in a new way and at the end you have a completely unique final product which makes you stand out and escapes categorization. Mass production is not a thing we offer. Also, all of our products are fully hand beaded, made only in limited numbers, so you don’t have to worry about thousands of people wearing the same shirt as you.

Trust and quality

Our company has very long tradition. The apparel line was started in 1910. Since then we only make improvements making sure every single one of customers is pleased with the product and enjoys wearing it. Milano Formals also guaranties product correctness as every single one of our products goes through a detailed inspection process. You don’t have to worry about getting negative consequences because our fabrics do not contain any of harmful substances. Safety is one the most important things to us. We have worldwide distribution and currently the collection is available at high end discerning fashion houses.

Fashion and humanity

Milano Formals is not all just about fashion. Humanity is very important thing to us, so we’re trying to help out education in India as much as we can. Education in India is very poor, since plenty of schools don’t even own school necessities like books and qualified teachers. Under-privileged kids often live in slums, so at the early age they have to work petty jobs so they can add at least something to family income. Seeing kids on the streets working is nothing new in India and since families usually have a lot of children only 1 or 2 of them have chance to get educated. Now, is that fair? Absolutely not. Just imagine yourself in same conditions. Not that nice, right?

That’s why Ramandeep Singh came up with an idea to give the kids living in poor conditions higher education. He opened schools for under-privileged kids. Today, over 200 kids are attending these schools, where they are pushed to the next level. Of course, kids are not required to pay any tuition fees. Instead of turning to crime on the streets or spending their childhood working petty jobs, we are giving them a chance to get educated and also have fun with their friends at school. Everyone deserves a nice childhood, right?

Money from each dress that is purchased in Milano Formals is used for maintaining these schools. So, you can look stunning wearing high-fashioned dress and more importantly, help other people out.

Always different, never the same!